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Thread: Origin of East Asian Ruling class

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    Default Origin of East Asian Ruling class

    Origin of East Asian Ruling class

    East asian chinese/japanese/korean used to be called oriental.

    I speculate following based on combining various scientific evidence and logic.

    By 30kyp or before, there were SE asians who had hmong/miao/filipino/taiwan/okinawan/tibetan/american indian type look.
    Around 23kyp glacial maximum and sea was 150m below today and taiwan/japan/americas was connected to euracian continent. East china sea was largely land.

    20kyp pottery arose and I will call them jomon culture from area round hong kong tawaiwan to japan.
    In few thousand years, it spread to korea, manchuria, americas, tibet, inland china etc.

    8000yp pottery with symbols start to appear and around that time pottery spead to west.
    Metal was discovered in west(more like middle east). Sumer came to be and started an empire. Technology allowed for empire was pottery, writing, male religion, hero stories, metal, water, sewage, mason, farm etc.
    Empire technology got to yellow river area as well as manchuria etc. Creation gods like Yellow emperor could be either person that brought the technology or sumer convolution of story from sumer.
    I am using sumer as middle eastern area in general, giving credit as originator of empire technology. Some of evidence would be ligher skin, tall, fertile, smart, bronze got to china etc. And east asians have lighter skin than like hmong jomon type people eventually became chinese xian culture/dynasty.

    Chinese shang was similar origin. Zhou was combination of hongshan, persia, and other chinese culture mix. I think they would been make art and love, not war type.
    Around 3kyp, jewish lost tribe migrating and one of them became ancestor of the qin dynasty.
    Eventually ends up in japan as hata.
    Things like global temperature(low and high) extreme causes famine and weakening or collapse of empires.
    Anyway when shang were over thrown, jizi went to korea area which were not a country yet.
    Founding story of Gija Joseon Gojoseon sound similar so I would say they were jizi around 3kyp.
    Both shang and gokuryo have bird as main symble. Of course they also had hongshan culture influence too.

    Mean while in japan. There was early 30kyp migration. Then probably jomon(ie east chinese potter) got to japan 15kyp(or little earlier). 6kyp or so kikai caldra erupted and made south japan and probably kore inhibitable for some years then there was mini ice age crating another bottleneck. Eventually hmong type jomon repopulated japan.
    After that shang,zhou,qin refugee came to japan and became noble(and probably samurai) class. Some probably went to korea first. Andy way they yayoi/kohun period. During asuka period, capital moved and palace had 20 degree off north sirius star alignent like perciapolice with lots water/stone technology.

    Irony is though. Silla was tiny chiefdom of south east korea and these japanes went back and became silla rulers kim and park(see my other blog).
    Gaya was also south korea, I suspect it had kim(japanese blood) too as well as gokuryo connection. And chinese recognize them as same as japan for some time.

    So conclusion is:

    1. Chinese empire ruler had hmong type mixed with tiny bit of ligher skin persian/westner
    2. Korea empire started as shang refugee.
    3. Japan empire started from chinese refugee rulers(and mix with some korean)
    4. Korea silla rulers(and lots of later) were from japan

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