..... and human DNA being close enough to align with Darwinism.

Well...I dont *know* enough about this to comment - but hoped it would be ok to throw out a question to the more learned of you out there....

It's a dumb question - but here goes:

Why havent any of the primates continued to evolve and get either more human or at least....more evolved? Is it just that the leap from primative man to good old homo sapien happened so long ago that the missing link was lost in time? Apart from a few jaw bones out there....

As an interesting sideways link to the question... today this was posted online -

Mobile DNA studied in British chimpanzees - http://www.upi.com/Science_News/2009/09 ... 252506528/

"LEICESTER, England, Sept. 9 (UPI) -- British scientists say they are using chimpanzees to study so-called mobile DNA that is found in the genomes of humans and other primates.

Researchers at the University of Leicester said most genes are always found in the same place in the genome. But the genes the scientists are studying have been moving around the genome throughout mammalian and primate evolution, and are still doing so.

"This makes every human -- and every chimpanzee for that matter -- a little bit different at the DNA level, a little like a DNA fingerprint," said geneticist Richard Badge, who is leading the study."