Peter Faris has a very interesting Rock Art Blog and it will be well worth keeping an eye on in coming months as he is going to be discussing his research on what the First Americans knew about fossils.

At Dinosaur National Monument, they have signalled this knowledge by creating petroglyphs of reptiles.

Giant lizard petroglyphs, Cub Creek, Dinosaur National Monument, UT. Photo: Peter Faris.
Notice petroglyphs across bottom of frame include four more reptiles.

The rock art of Dinosaur National Monument is not found in direct association with the fossilized remains that made it famous, but there is certainly a large quantity of it in that area. I cannot imagine that there not a connection. Rock art portrays the beliefs and events of a society, and in an area with both fossilized dinosaur remains and world class rock art the creators of the rock art must have been aware of the amazing bones.

As I said, this has been a sub-theme of my personal interest for a long time. Indeed, the photo of giant lizard petroglyphs in my page heading comes from Cub Creek in Dinosaur National Monument, and I have since associated them with a dinosaur fossilized track site nearby, but that is for future postings.