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Thread: The Sacred Geometry of the Olympics Opening Ceremony

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    Default The Sacred Geometry of the Olympics Opening Ceremony

    My article The Alchemical Secrets of Glastonbury Tor, was about the alchemy that Danny Boyle was trying to achieve through using Glastonbury Tor in his Olympics Opening Ceremony show. To follow on, this is an interesting article by Scott Onstott on some of numbers and symbols used. I really like this quote of his at the end: "The Olympic megaritual therefore becomes a window to expand or diminish consciousness. What will you do with this important opportunity?"

    There was far more going on than simply “entertainment”. “Entrainment” is a better word describing what was going on. We have the ability to become conscious of what is flowing in this olympic stream if we so choose. Casting history in Blake’s “green and pleasant land” as a progression from the Enlightenment through the Industrial Revolution on up to the present day as a glorious effort to rebuild Jerusalem is incredible.

    The spectacular finale symbolized Ezekiel’s 5 wheeled chariot of fire as it poured out sparks and smoke uniting the 5 flying olympic rings.

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    The tree of life planted atop the world mountain in the center of a stadium whose measurements of 315m x 256m describe an implied rectangle having an area of 80640 sq m which resonates with the sun’s 864000 mile diameter, and the 86400 seconds in a day (along with precessional numbers). This was noted by my friend and fellow researcher Jan Thulstrup.

    Photo Credit: ArtCocktail

    I noticed that Nelson’s column in Trafalgar Square (which shares a Google Earth Wikipedia placemark with the country of England itself in the heart of the City of London) is 333333 inches from the center of the Olympic Stadium at a heading of 66 degrees. The placement of the stadium is perfect. The City of London is itself surrounded by the 32 boroughs of greater London.

    Mark Gray counted 32 ley-like lines on the olympic gold medal and Bob Tarmac counted 33 facets on the medal’s letters which spell either 2012 or ZION, you decide. 32 and 33 are highly charged numbers that I talk a lot about in my work.

    “Over 13,000 althletes compete at the Summer and Winter Olympics in 33 different sports.” -Wikipedia entry on olympics

    During the bizarre sequence where the giant dark magician holding a wand is chased away from the sea of sick and frightened children I found it incredible that the announcer stated there were 32 Mary Poppins descending on umbrellas. Saved by Disney. The announcer also stated there were 320 volunteers from the NHS on stage. It is significant when our attention is officially directed to specific numbers. Nothing was an accident in the well planned olympic mega-ritual.

    Image credit:

    Then the sequence shifted to encoded children’s literature with J.K. Rowling reading a few lines to television images projected through sympathetic magic on a typical London home, to performers enacting the evolution of rock music in hexagonal and pentagonal groupings, and in the end the Wizard of Oz was revealed under the home to be none other than Sir Tim Berners Lee, he who invented the world wide web at CERN some 22 years ago, working on a computer.

    “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain” -said by the Wizard of Oz himself

    The structure that has become part of our collective unconscious. The letter w is equivalent to the Hebrew letter waw which has a gematria value of 6. Your superconscious mind decodes the URL to, or the domain under 666. Interestingly waw also is equivalent to y-grec, the Greek letter Y which diagrammatically represents the choice one makes between evil and good, working for oneself or for others; it’s a symbolic fork in the road.

    Are children’s stories, rock music, television, and the internet chosen as examples of the various mind-control methods or at the same time do these mediums have the capacity to inspire, envigorate, educate, and connect us all in liberating ways?

    To me choice is the essence of what the olympic opening ceremony is about. We are at a collective fork in the road. We can choose to dwell on the machinations of the new world order elite or put our attention instead on the positive aspects of the olympics which are after all a coming together of the world’s finest in a series of physical competitions which mirror the non-physical struggle of good and evil under the thin veneer of consciousness.

    Mark Gray and Hillary Raimo see the olympic megaritual as a great conception fueled with the energy of billions of people, ultimately forming “a new human and a new world.” We so desperately need to envision a positive future at this critical juncture with now more than 7 billion humans sharing the Earth.

    If you are just now becoming aware of the negative global conspiracy, there is a tendency to become shocked, angry, and depressed which seems unavoidable for a time. However dwelling on negative issues lowers your vibration and thus funds the wrong side in the very real war on consciousness. I recommend waking up to all the hidden truths under the surface of the show which are both black and white, but choose wisely how you entrain your attention in the stream. Energy flows where attention goes.

    Thanks to Sacred Geometry International
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