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Thread: Is Cafe Nero owned by the Vatican?

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    Default Is Cafe Nero owned by the Vatican?

    I heard yesterday from Wizard Paradox that Ishtar's Gate is blocked to Cafe Nero customers.

    I did a bit of investigation this morning, and eventually found out that they use a site filtering application called Bluecoat which has certain categories that get blocked, including:

    Alternative Spirituality

    Sites that promote and provide information on a wide range of non-traditional and/or non-religious spiritual, existential, experiential, and philosophical belief systems. Includes sites related to atheism, agnosticism, and mysticism; sites related to quasi-religious, philosophical or spiritual belief systems and practices that do not include formally established religious meetings, places of worship, organizational structure, or dogma; and sites that endorse or offer information about affecting or influencing real events through supernatural or magical means. Also includes sites that discuss or deal with paranormal or unexplained events. This category does not include sites centered around traditional, organized religious belief, practice, and observance (Religion).
    Well, it puts a new spin on the word 'witch-hunt'. They'll be sending in the Spanish Inquisition next.

    To say that I'm shocked to the core would be an understatement. Is it even legal to block people from seeing these kinds of sites? It's not as if we're selling porn or drugs....

    There's also something akin to racism here. Shouldn't there be something called 'religionism' ?

    And this bit at the end got me:

    This category does not include sites centered around traditional, organized religious belief, practice, and observance (Religion).
    In other words, Christianity is OK. Unbelievable ~ in this day and age!!

    So that's why I'm wondering, is Cafe Nero owned by the Vatican?

    And is this the thin end of the wedge of internet censorship? Never mind SOPA and ACTA. Bluecoat can block anyone they like .. they just have to make the necessary category....
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