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Thread: Language of Climate Change

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    Cool Language of Climate Change

    It's interesting how desperate the pro-warmist hoaxers have become - and one just need witness their reliance on conjecture / deceit in their language to bolster their language. See for more info, including the latest news release from the University of Reading (in partnership with the Met Office).

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    Quite frankly, I have made the following, fascinating observations:

    1. When the sun comes out during the day, it is warm.

    2. When the sun disappears at night, it is cold.

    3. The difference far outweighs any change 'guestimates' made for this century.

    It didn't take billions of euros to determine the above and resulted in my joining the ITSS Club (It's the Sun, Stupid). Yes, I too was initially taken in by Michael Mann's Hockey Stick, but it wasn't too long before I figure out just where Michael should cram that thing!
    The pen is mightier than the sword, and considerably easier to write with.

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