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Thread: Upsy downsy!

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    First people deny a thing, then they belittle it, then they say it was known all along! Von Humboldt

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    Default Re: Upsy downsy!

    Yes, global alarmists need to get their story straight. And by the way, forecasting warmer than average winters while people freeze their butts off in the Northeastern US doesn't help "the cause". I have been waiting for new terminology to come out of the global warming crowd and they are not disappointing me.

    There is now talk surfacing about how to, "stop climate change". So, first we credit ourselves with the omnipotent ability to affect the earth's climate, then we have the audacity to proclaim that we can stop the earth's natural cycles of upsy downy. :roll:
    The pen is mightier than the sword, and considerably easier to write with.


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