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      by Published on February 25th, 2012 01:29 PM

      Welcome to our home on the Internet. We’re delighted that you’ve chosen to visit and if you want to post about your ideas, all the better, because it all adds to the pool of knowledge and wisdom being amassed here.

      We’re sure that, as a self-empowered, independent-thinking adult, you’ll naturally behave on here as you would during a visit to anyone’s home.

      But, sadly, not everyone is like you. We’re in an information war, as you’ve probably realised, and disinformation agents use underhand methods to disrupt the peace on forums, and also to derail threads which sail too close to the truth. For that reason, the mods will be keeping you safe from that kind of activity by instantly ejecting, without much ceremony ...

      • anyone who uses ad hominem attacks
      • anyone who posts pornography
      • anyone who posts anything illegal
      • anyone who uses trolling and flaming

      We will also not allow proselytising and channelling.

      In this way, we hope to keep your discussions on here as pleasant and illuminating and as comfortable as possible.

      But if you do get any problems and we don’t notice, please do let us know by clicking on the triangle in the top right of the post.

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