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  1. Staphysagria


    This beautiful blue larkspur is also a homeopathic remedy.
    It was "proved" by Samuel Hahnemann and 12 others.
    They took doses of it and kept diaries of how they felt subsequently. When lots of provers have the same symptom after taking a substance it ...

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  2. Recent impressions from a trip to Greece

    My wife and I had dinner recently with some new friends and the travel subject came up and I began to share about an 08 trip to Greece. I went to an island in the Cyclades group called Tinos to be trained in marble carving. The islands primary industry is just that. I know of no other island with stone carving as a dominant industry. I wanted to learn from the best. Greeks went to Italy and trained the Italians. I was not disappointed. I learned from a man by the name of Petros(Rock). He was a wonderful ...
  3. connection at the shore

    Hello fellow members,
    The wife and I just got back from the shore and we had a nice connection at the ocean with the ancient mother. Very sweet. We again experienced her sense of humor, a clearing of the senses and many other gifts from all her creations.
  4. Diamonds are Forever

    Dear members,
    I have been reading and studying from Barbara Walkers book entitled The Woman's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets.
    It is a fascinating work with a lot of history and helped me alot about ideas and truth in the realms of many subjects. I am a jeweler and I love stones so:
    Tonights subject is on the word Diamond.
    It literally means World Goddess. The ancients used to believe that gemstones were solidified drops of the divine essence. Diamonds were sacred to the ...
  5. Gratitude and Appreciation

    Hello Fellow gate members,
    I am grateful to have found this site. I befriended a goddess who goes by Secret Lee on Facebook who referred me to this site. I am very glad that it exists.
    One of my favorite pursuits is the study and some practice of the ancient cultures.I am presently a practicing priest of the goddess Isis( she who has many names). I was initiated by my present wife in the school of Sekhem. We occasionally will do classes and initiations for a period of one year,as we ...
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