View Full Version : News about underground tunnels under Giza pyramids

Annie Dieu-Le-Veut
January 15th, 2012, 02:16 PM
This has just been emailed to me from Egyptologist Richard Gabriel, about he and his partner, Judith's, recent explorations at Giza. (Now that Zahi Hawass has been removed, we can expect more of this sort of intelligence to start to come out.)

This is a first time we have been blessed to discover something sufficiently important to send an alert to our complete mail list.

We refer to our recent explorations in Egypt at Giza, and specifically in connection with the underground complex beyond the Tomb designated North Cliff2 (NC2.) This produced evidence we believe beyond a reasonable doubt, for the reality of a sophisticated-Mayan profiled people amid an ancient jungle environment on Plateau which is now desert.

The wall and ceiling surfaces of the Underground system yielded images, paintings carvings and full pictures which feature all of these things. Predominately there are images of many exotic animals which survive now in the jungles of Central Africa and in the seas around Africa's coasts. We invite everyone to inspect our presentation and offer feedback or comment.

I was struck by a synchronicity the other day when our Stats. counter pointed back to a visiting site location. The thread was discussing the sell-out of African culture to the conditioning imposed by modern religion. One learned correspondent discussing what his culture had lost, had somehow found our presentation. He drew an affinity to the imaged evidence beneath the Giza Plateau, pointing to a likely ancestral time long before the Pharaohs of Egypt.

A final post script is that we have been experimenting with our colour filter etc. analysis using other pictures we have from the Giza Plateau. We can tell you we have found on remote internal surfaces of the Great Pyramid, there are similar exotic pictures hidden beyond the naked eye - but their presentation must wait until we conduct much more validating analysis.

The new NC2 report shows nearly 480 Pictures within 7 long web pages, and can be accessed temporarily from front of site: Giza and the Plateau Underground (http://www.richardgabriel.info/).